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At Premier Man, our buyers know everything there is about men's clothing and shoes, and work hard to bring you a great choice in a big size range. So if you're in need of some inspiration or are stuck on what to wear, the team at Premier Man are on hand to help!

I've got a wedding this summer and I'm in desperate need of a new suit; all those in my wardrobe are a little outdated now! But I'm useless when it comes to shopping, can you suggest a suit that I'll also be able to use for other occasions?

Tony, London

Every man needs a good quality and versatile suit in his wardrobe; the secret to a well-fitting suit is getting the size and shape right. You have the option of choosing a full suit or mix and match with trousers and a jacket. Most men opt for a versatile black suit like this one from Premier Man, which you'll certainly be able to wear again.

But as it's a summer wedding why not go for a grey suit instead like this from Henley & Knight?

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I seem to be stuck in a rut when it comes to casual shoes, all I ever wear are trainers and I'd like something a little different that can be dressed up if need be. Do you have any ideas for other styles of men's casual shoes in large sizes other than trainers?

Colin, Edinburgh

Women are spoilt when it comes to shoes, but for men it's a different matter, and you're right, the choice of men's casual shoes are often limited, especially in bigger sizes. Canvas pumps are a great alternative to trainers in the summer like these from Southbay, but if you're looking for something to wear dressed up or down then some lace-ups or boat shoes from Cushion-walk are probably your best bet.

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With summer coming up I'm stuck with what to wear to bed; my pyjamas are too thick and I'm not sure what else to wear. Can you recommend men's nightwear that's comfortable and cool for summer?

Andrew, Leeds

Most men seem to struggle with nightwear but in fact there are so many choices of men's nightwear for the warmer months. Go for cotton pyjamas that will keep you cool like this pyjama t-shirt and shorts sets or if you prefer to sleep without your top on then just a pair of pyjama bottoms will suffice, that way you'll stay cool but comfortable.

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