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The following Terms and Conditions relate only to new customers registering online. If you are an existing customer, please sign in to view the Terms & Conditions that relate to your own account.

How it works

Our most popular payment method is with a Personal Account. Every 28 days we will send you a statement and a payment slip by post.

Your statement shows:

  • What items we've sent to you
  • The payments you've made during the period
  • Any outstanding balance
  • Your minimum payment
  • The date the minimum payment is due
  • What it costs

If we open a credit account for you, we will tell you the credit limit that we've given you - it will be at least £100.

To open a Personal Credit Account, you must be a UK resident and over 18 years of age. When you apply for an account with us, you will need to confirm that you meet both of these criteria. We also reserve the right to restrict or refuse credit.

Once you've established a consistent payment history with us we may decide to reduce your minimum payment.

If you don't pay in full for goods and/or services you buy from us before your second statement (after the date of purchase) is sent to you we'll apply a credit charge to your account. We calculate that charge on a daily basis from the date of the purchase and add it to your outstanding balance. The calculation will include any goods you've bought in previous statement periods but it will exclude anything that you've bought and returned. Our current credit charge is 2.843 pence in the £ if you pay by Direct Debit, or 3.14 pence in the £ in all other cases.

This rate (and those quoted below) is correct at the time of going to print. We reserve the right to vary the rate of credit charge on your account. The terms applying to the credit we provide are detailed below. We will send you a credit agreement specific to you.

Credit Agreement Terms

This agreement provides an ongoing credit account on the terms set out below and overleaf and has no fixed or minimum duration. We will determine your credit limit from time to time and will give you notice of the limit in writing. You can drawdown credit by using your account to place orders through or with us to purchase goods and/or services up to your credit limit. For more expensive purchases we reserve the right to limit the amount of the purchase that may be charged to your account. Interest rate - 36.96% per annum variable if you pay by Direct Debit and 40.82% per annum variable in all other cases.

If you purchase and pay for goods and/or services using your account then pay for them in full before the due date shown on the statement on which the goods and/or services are charged, no interest charge will be debited to your account. However, if you do not pay in full by then, interest accruing from the date of purchase will be charged on the price of the goods and/or services ignoring any part payment you have made. Interest is calculated daily by applying the interest to the outstanding balance on your account and will be debited to your account when a statement is sent to you. Interest is compounded and added to the outstanding balance on your statement due date which gives rise to the higher rate for the APR.

We may vary the interest rate (or other provisions of this agreement) giving you at least 21 days written notice, see condition 10.

Example: Total Amount Payable £483.33. APR - 39.9% (variable) if you pay by Direct Debit and £492.46 - APR 44.9% (variable) in all other cases.

These examples and APRs are based on the following statutory assumptions: your credit limit is £400; you order £400 of goods and/or services from us immediately at the start of the agreement, you repay the whole amount (including interest) in 12 equal monthly instalments; the interest rate is not varied; the agreement remains valid for the whole 12 month period; and both of us meet all our obligations under the agreement. The way our agreement works in practice is set out below.

Payments are required every 28 days. We will send you a statement every 28 days specifying the due date for your payment. You must pay at least the minimum payment shown on your statement by the due date. Your minimum payment will initially be 1/12 of the total cash price of goods and/or services ordered using your account or £5, whichever is the greater. Once you are an established customer we may reduce the required payment but it will not be less than 5% of your outstanding balance. If your outstanding balance is less than £5 you must pay the outstanding balance. Your minimum monthly payment will be calculated in the same way whenever you purchase additional goods and/or services or return goods to us or cancel any services ordered. The exact amount of your minimum payment will be shown on your statement.

If you fail to make a payment and we or someone acting for us have to remind you, you will be charged a reasonable administrative fee - currently £12, see condition 6. If we have to take further steps to recover the monies due from you we may also recover the reasonable costs incurred by us or any collection agency we use in taking action to recover it.

Missing payments could have severe consequences and make obtaining credit more difficult and could lead to us obtaining a court order (a judgement) against you. This may result in the debt being secured over your house, which may be repossessed.

You have the right to withdraw from this agreement without having to give a reason. The right starts on the day after the day the agreement is made (or the date that we confirm your credit limit, if later) and continues for 14 days (the "Withdrawal Period"). To withdraw you must notify us that you intend to do so within the Withdrawal Period. You can do this by telephoning us on 0161 386 2226 or posting notice of your withdrawal to: Account Management Team, Home Shopping Direct, 23 Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1AX.

If you withdraw you will have to repay any credit that you used to purchase goods and/or services from us without delay and no later than 30 days after giving us notice of withdrawal.


  1. This agreement is made between us, the company named overleaf, referred to in this agreement as "we" and "us" and you, the customer, described overleaf referred to in this agreement as "you".
  2. We can terminate this agreement (subject to giving you notice under the Consumer Credit Act 1974) immediately if you are in breach of the terms of the agreement. We may also terminate it on 2 month's notice in writing. You can cancel the agreement at any time, free of charge, by giving us one month's prior notice. You can do this by writing to us and repaying your outstanding balance in full.
  3. We can suspend, restrict or terminate your right to draw credit at any time for any objectively justified reason. If we do so, we will write to you to tell you before or immediately after such suspension, except where we do not have to do so by law (for example if doing so would prejudice the prevention of a crime).
  4. If you have difficulties in making payments you should contact us as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements.
  5. Payments received by us in respect of this agreement will be applied in the following order: (i) payment of all charges for administration costs shown on the latest and any previous statement; (ii) payment of all credit charges shown on the latest and any previous statement; (iii) payment of all payment protection insurance premiums shown on the latest and any previous statement; (iv) towards payment of the purchase price of all goods and/or services shown on any previous statement; (v) towards payment of the purchase price of all goods and/or services shown on the latest statement.
  6. If you fail to make a payment (including if any credit or debit card payment is rejected, any cheque you submit is dishonoured, or a direct debit is not paid) and we or someone acting for us have to remind you, we reserve the right to make a reasonable administration charge. The current charge is £12.00 but this is subject to variation. You will be given reasonable notice of a change in our administration charges.
  7. If you fail to make any payment when it is due, we can require you to pay the whole amount you owe us immediately after serving the notice required by law. If you fall into serious arrears we will consider alternative arrangements with you.
  8. From time to time we may invite you to purchase goods and/or services with the option to defer repayments of capital as a buy now pay later option for a specified period ("BNPL"). Under this option credit charges will be applied from the date of the purchase but you need not start to make minimum payments for those purchases until the date which we will notify to you when we invite you to use BNPL. The exact amount of any minimum payment still required will be shown on your statement. You are free to pay off the balance more quickly if you wish.
  9. From time to time we may, after giving written notice to you, allow you if you wish to omit to pay the minimum payment shown on your statement for the period we specify. If we do this, credit charges will continue to accrue under this agreement.
  10. We reserve the right to vary any of the provisions of this agreement (including the APR, interest rate(s), charges and regular minimum payment) at any time by giving you at least 21 days notice in writing.
  11. If any provisions of this agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the other provisions of this agreement which shall remain in full force and effect.
  12. The law of England and Wales will govern this agreement and this is subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts. The contractual terms and conditions of other information (if any) relating to this agreement shall be supplied in English and we undertake to communicate in English during the duration of the agreement.
  13. If you have a complaint about this agreement and we are unable to resolve it using our own internal complaints procedures to your satisfaction, you may be able to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service for independent investigation, details will be provided on request.
  14. We are supervised under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 by the Financial Conduct Authority of 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS. (Authorisation No: 311618).
  15. JD Williams & Company Limited, registered office, Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester M60 6ES. Registered in England No. 178367.
  16. JD Williams & Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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